Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hooray for Pumpkin!

Sorry in advance, these are taken with my phone.

This morning before going to gym I was hungry so I toasted a slice of fiberwise bread (I think that's what it is called) spread with some pumpkin butter. Mmm-mmm! I ended up leaving later than intended talking to the fiance, so I only did 45 mins of elliptical today. I had intended on adding 15 mins of weights to it, but I had to stop at the store. I stopped at Randall's after the gym to pick up a few things and got a nice hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee from the Starbucks inside the store. I forgot to get it skinny though! Wah!
Once I got to work, breakfast was made up of Oikos honey greek yogurt, pumpkin butter, 2 tbsp. omega-3 trail mix from WF and a little broken up granola plank.
Here's the yogurt. This is one of my only choices for greek yogurt around here and the best one that I like. I have found Fage, but #1 it is expensive and #2 its usually when I already have yogurt so I don't want to buy more and risk any of it going bad.

I put my pumpkin butter in this little container from....Chinese takeout! Who knew? The place we order from used these very sturdy bowls for their soups - ingenious! I hate it when a place delivers soup in a styrofoam cup with foil all over it and soup spilling out of it anyway!

Lastly, here is my finished product:

I had chamomile green tea and an orange with this, but I was too full to eat the orange. Usually I put some kind of fruit in my yogurt, but we're all out of bananas and apples and a peach just didn't appeal this morning. I thought about picking up some raspberries or blueberries while at the store but they are all from CA right now, so I thought better of it. I'm sure I'll cave eventually, but I was being locally conscious this morning. hehe

I will tell you what - that pumpkin butter is a great companion to yogurt! I really enjoyed it. It made it even sweeter than the honey. I think that can be a regular addition until the jar is gone.

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