Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking bad habits are so hard


My co-worker was in the office this morning so I had to be a little sneaky about taking a picture of my breakfast. haha He drinks coffee ALL DAY LONG so I knew it would be a matter of time before he had to make a trip to the bathroom. Breakfast today was pumpkin yogurt again. this time I added 8 organic chocolate chips, drizzle of maple syrup, sliced almonds and pumpkin butter. Yum yum! I caught a little blur trying to hurry. Chamomile green tea with stevia and lemon next to it.

This morning my co-worker asks, "What's for breakfast?" and I replied, "Pumpkin yogurt!" and he said, "WHAT?!?!" haha What is funnier is that was the same response from our boss when he saw me preparing it yesterday. I assured him he'd want no part and he asked how I'd guess that. I told him because neither do my fiance or either son. I already know the reactions I am going to get for certain food! Although the fiance saw a recipe for pumpkin muffins I had saved and asked why I hadn't made them. That made me wonder....


I didn't picture lunch because no doubt my co-worker would have laughed at me if I was taking pictures of my food. hahaha I laugh at myself, so he definitely would have! I went to Wal-Mart to get some Halloween treats and went ahead and bought my kids Journey to the Center of the Earth. They will be so excited! As I was heading out, I could not resist the smell coming from McDonald's (bad Becky). I ended up grabbing a double cheeseburger and small fry with an A& W Rootbeer once I got back to work. When will I ever learn?! Breaking bad habits are so much harder than making good ones!

I am excited about tonight! the kids have opted not to trick or treat this year and we are hitting up the fall festivals around our area. I love fall festivals! I love festivals period! One of them is at a church and the fiance wanted to know if it was all "churchy". I asked him hadn't he ever been to a Church festival and he said no! What? I assured him it was pretty much a normal fest but the proceeds go to the church - no one would be making him pray or preeching to him. We are not without religion, but we are not practicing Catholics so to say. However, I do like the ambiance and I like going to church festivals because it is for a good cause. So, anyway, stoked about that! Also, my mom gave the boys gift cards to Game Stop for Halloween so we're going to take them this weekend, probably tomorrow, to go spend them. Other than that - I really don't think we have much planned! Yay! I'm excited to be able to be a bum if I want. haha

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