Friday, October 24, 2008

Cool days = Barbeque time!

At least in the Houston area it does. Our cool fronts aren't normally so "cool" but this was pleasant and didn't need the air conditioner for a few days. Always a nice thing! So, the fiance and I decided to grill some t-bone steaks we got on sale a couple of weeks ago. We decided to use an A-1 Marinade, I think it was "New York Steakhouse". It was actually pretty good! We used it on the steaks and also marinaded some squash too. Here's on the grill:

We also had some chiles from our plants that were very ripe so we decided to roast them along with a tomato to make roasted salsa. It was very tasty!

Our his and hers plates. The steaks were actually HUGE, so the boys and I split one in 3! It was more than enough meat!

My plate up close:

We also had some orzo on the side made with olive oil, red bell pepper and some fresh basil with lemon juice.

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