Friday, October 31, 2008

Can't seem to catch up

Don't you hate it when work is so busy it doesn't allow internet time? hehe

Here is yesterday's breakfast. It is kind of boring I know, but it was good. I decided to try pumpkin yogurt. I just mixed my yogurt container with 1/2 cup pumpkin, some pumpkin pie spice, more cinnamon and a little stevia. Not sure if this is Kath's recipe or not, I just tried to do it from memory. I added some almonds for a little fun.

I had that a little late so I wasn't really that hungry for lunch. As usual, my eyes were bigger my appetite when I go to HEB. I had planned on just getting soup, but for some reason all the various chicken salads and pasta salads looked so yummy! So I got a spoonful of a few of them. The mustar potato salad was not that good. I also got about 4 oz. of baked potato soup. It's not the most healthful soup, but its was I was craving. I really only ate about 1/2 - 2/3 of the salad and saved the boiled egg for later.

For snack, I ate the boiled egg and about half of this bar. It was pretty good.

Then, I ended up getting dinner started a little late. I made stuffed golden acorn squash for me and a stuffed bell pepper for the fiance. The kids had the meat/rice mixture on the side of a baked potato.
My plate:

The fiance's - it was a little messy because the bell pepper didn't sit upright:

I didn't picture the kids because they gobbled it up. haha
The rest of the night was a little bit of tv and some reading. I rather enjoy those nights though. I think it is a good way to end the day, you know?

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