Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Monday

After such a fabulous weekend, I really did not want to back to work, but such is life and is necessary. I had a green monster aka pixie punch as usual. It really makes it very easy to have that for breakfast and then drink it on the way to work. Especially, since typically, if I eat at work I get side tracked very easily and don't end up eating breakfast until about 10 am. I did forget to picture my green monster. Oops.

It was chilly in my office so I had a mug of this to warm me up:

Followed by this:

I really enjoyed the Guayaki Yerba Mate. I don't usually add sweetner to my tea and it had a pleasant enough taste. I was surprised. I have to admit I was skeptical, but I usually am. Haha

For lunch, I made myself a nice big salad with red and green butter lettuce, one tomato, half a red bell pepper, sliced almonds, feta and leftover marinated grilled chicken.


With about a tbsp Ken's blue cheese dressing. I LOVE blue cheese dressing. I try not to use a full serving because of the fat and calorie content though.


I also had a dulce de leche pudding cup for dessert, but my sweet tooth still was not quenched, so I proceeded to have:

One almond chocolate cluster (no caramel) and a few mini peanut butter cups. They are really mini. That did the trick, but I knew we would be going to the gym after work and had every intention of running so I figured I needed some real fuel. Oikos greek yogurt sells a 4 pack of 4 oz. yogurt cups. Fantastic and perfect for an afternoon snack. One Oikos, an apple cut up & 1/4 cup Nature's Path pumpkin granola. So delicious. I'm drooling over the memories of this picture:

We certainly went to they gym as planned. However, afterwards, we went to the grand opening of Five Guys and Fries. It was pretty good. It was a real homemade patty and just what I have been craving. Not a fast food type texture or taste but with the service of fast food, despite how absolutely crowded it was. I know a burger was not the best thing, especially given the weekend was not filled with the healthiest eats either, but they guys were excited to try it and sometimes you just have to comply.

Besides, I've heard that if you are going to eat something not so good for you, it is best to do it right after a workout and so we did. :)

Do you tend to eat your "bad" meals after a workout? Do you feel it is because you are famished or because your metabolism is up and/or it is easier to digest?

Friday, October 16, 2009

So, the day began

I was awakened this morning by my youngest son, we'll call him the monkey, telling me his fever was worse and he had just thrown up. Did I mention it was 5 am? Nice. So, I gave him some Tylenol Cold because it was all I had left after the Motrin I had given him the night before and let him watch cartoons in the living room in hopes he'd fall asleep. Mommy dozed again but he sure didn't. So, the day began. I was able to book a dr. appt that morning, so I made a quick one of these and used up the last of the green whey:


We made it to the dr. appt and turns out his sickness was similar to mine a few weeks ago. His ears were red as well so she gave him an antibiotic for that. All the while, he kept asking what time it was, so finally the nurse asked him if he had a hot date. LOL He told her we were supposed to be meeting his stepdad for lunch! I think monkey really enjoys those lunches when he is sick and gets to go out with us without his brother. Haha.

Sadly, I did not take a picture of lunch. I told my fiance I was going to take a picure for the blog and he told me I better not pull out my camera and take picures of food. LOL Oh well, I guess I will just have to tell you what I had. We went to Wings N More since it is right by FH's (future husband) work. We started with a basket of fried jalapenos which were so delicious. I had a few. I thought about getting a salad until...I saw they had a monte cristo sandwich!! It used to be my favorite at Bennigan's but they no longer exist here in Houston. So, I immediately changed my mind to the monte cristo. Boy, was it good!! I had about 2 1/2 triangles and FH ate the rest. The raspberry perserves were really thick though!

After that, the monkey and I decided to stop by the farmer's market since it was on the way home. I got a lot of things that just say "Fall" to me. Monkey picked out a small pumpkin we are going to attempt to cook. ;) Also, bought my first butternut squash of the season. Love butternut! I think I might try roasting it. I also got a spaghetti squash that I plan on making this week some time and some sweet potatoes. Yum yum yum!

Then, we waited for B & P to come pickup the older son for the weekend since he was supposed to help "work" in Somerville. After some chatting, they were on their way and we relaxed which for me meant some Facebook time. Haha. Monkey actually ended up falling asleep and slept through the night, so I made a quick dinner for me and FH of chicken, veggies (broccoli, green beans & carrots) and mac and cheese:

I stir-fried the mix with this. It is the best BBQ sauce EVA:

Sorry, forgot the picture of the mac and  cheese but it was plain old from the box mac and cheese. not the healthiest, butit was quick.

Then, it was off to the bedroom to in my mind "watch a little tv". Well, lets just say like mother like son. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow....it was interesting

So, I tried the Amazing Grass Green Superfood in my pixie punch. Wow. That was...interesting. My first drink was actually a little shocking. It had none of the sweetness I had been used to all week. As I kept drinking, I got used to it, but it had a very green taste.

I did two things differently than normal:

#1 - I added the Amazing Grass Green Superfood
#2 - I used plain skim milk when I had previously used vanilla hemp milk and chocolate Almond Breeze.



I did use the original sweetened versions instead of the unsweetened so I think that helped with the taste. So using skim milk this morning, the only true sweetner was the banana. I don't think it was enough. It did get better with every gulp, but it was not as good as my previous pixie punch.

The Amazing Grass does give it a much greener taste than my Nature's Life Green Whey. I know because I could taste what I smelled coming out of the canister. Odd huh? That might take a little getting used to.

I also think that what milk I use will decipher whether or not I use protein. Skim milk has a fair amount of protein. I like to use protein powder if I am using the almond or hemp milk since they don't have as much. If I buy more almond or hemp milk I will be trying the unsweetened. I don't like wasting the calories or sugar on the original stuff, but thats just me. It will be interesting to see how my pixie punch evolves.

Since I lacked a little bit of sweet this morning, I decided to have a cup of passion tea with some Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus:

 This is the only Stevia sweetner I've tried and I don't use it very often because of the after taste. However, today I decided to try. Typically, I do not use any sweetner in my hot tea, just lemon. The passion tea I do not add anything since it is already a little tangy.


I don't have pictures of lunch again. I went out to lunch with a co-worker and felt a little weirdo if I busted out my camera to take a picture of my lunch.

We went to Lupe Tortilla. I ordered an iced tea and sweetened with the pink stuff. My co-worker ordered some queso and I had a couple of spoonfuls plus some beans and some fresh salsa with chips. I LOVE tortilla chips. It is a definite weakness, but I limited myself. One thing I do like about Lupe Tortilla is that they give you the fresh tomato salsa and charro type beans as a dip. That part of the meal was not so bad. On the other hand, the queso? Ay-yayay! For my entree I order the Cilantro Jalapeno Chicken. I only ate one breast of it and half the rice and beans. Here is a picture of the leftover the fiance will devour when I get home.

Yes, it did have some jack cheese but its pretty difficult for me to turn down cheese. I am determined I am going to make a good healthy dinner tonight.

Eating Out

I know it seems like I did not make the best choice while eating out today. Honestly, for me it was. I looked at the salads. Iceberg lettuce and cheese. I don't really care for iceberg lettuce to be honest. The one salad that did look a little promising to me, was just too expen$ive for my taste. For a salad. I have learned that while eating out, to eat well, you have to pay the price. Letting go of my money is something I have to work on a little more. Haha Choosing the chicken was decent for me because otherwise I would have gotten a puffy taco and a cheese enchilada AND eaten more chips and queso. Small steps, small changes. =) 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Nice Fall Wednesday


It's that spunky little Mexican back for another try at this blogging thing. Why? Well, I've decided perhaps blogging will keep me accountable. I managed to loose weight and did well with eating. Really well. Then, guess what? Somehow the ball was set in motion in the wedding planning department and then I just stopped all my healthy habits! I have no idea why. So, I must not MUST NOT loose focus here. After all, The countdown is on! Yesterday marked the 5 month mark until I am made Mrs. Cruz! Oooo, that sounds kind of crazy. LOL

So today is day #1 of trying to keep myself accountable.


So, I have sort of jumped on this green monster movement from Oh She Glows. I have found it is a super easy way to get some green in my life without even trying! I have said this a lot but I don't even notice the spinach in it! So, here was my breakfast:

My green monster includes:

1 T flax seeds
2-3 cups of spinach (I don't measure just kind of eye it)
1 scooop Nature's Path Green Whey
1 cup Chocolate Almond Breeze
1 small frozen banana

Mix in the blender in the above order and let the blender do its thing! Yum-o!


I have a confession. I'm a bad blogger. I forgot to take a picture because I was so hungry! I decided to run out to Vitamin Shoppe and HEB and was famished by the time I got back from my endeavors. Bad me.

I had a  leftover subway sandwich from last night. My family has declared Tuesdays as Subway night. Haha I like to watch Biggest Lose and it is just easier that way so who am I to complain? So I got a foot long with intentions of having half last night and the other half today. Luckily, no one cared for it so it was still there this morning. hehe

My sandwich included 9 grain oat wheat bread, roasted chicken, cheese (ya, I know that ups the cals but who can resist gooey cheese?), tons of veggies: lettuce, tomato, black olives, banana peppers, green peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, onions. I think that was it. I decided to give the onions a whirl. I ate them last night but I took them off today. It was a little too much for me. No mayo, no mustard.

Then, while at HEB...you know how they tell you NOT to go to the grocery store hungry? They say that with good reason. I bought a loaf of banana nut bread. I may or may not have had two slices of it. At least whole wheat is the first ingredient. =)

Can I also say that I have become a tea-aholic. Seriously.

Here is what was left of my stash:

So, I panicked and bought more:

I'm pretty excited to try the Yerba Mate. I had a bottle of it the other day and it was not bad. So I figured these bags would be cool to try. The others - well, I am addicted to green tea and any kind of chamomile warms my heart. End of story.

Also, on my outing to Vitamin Shoppe I picked up some Amazing Grass Superfood for my green monsters aka pixie punch:

Woohoo!! Very Excited to try that!


Dinner was out again. We had to have a very serious talk with one of the boys so it delayed out workout. Therefore, instead of going to the gym we took the dogs for a walk. Cristal (my buddy) was pretty good for me. However, for me the first 10 minutes or so tend to be a little stressful so I was holding on too tight. Talk about tension to my workout! LOL So, after the walk we drove down to Chick-fil-a where we got a salad and then the fiance talked me into sharing some chicken nuggets and waffle fries with him. Evil husband-to-be. Forgot the pics again! I'll be better tomorrow!!

On a different note

Lastly, since I've stumbled across Oh She Glows, I've read a lot of Ange's past entries and a lot about "glow" in particular. So I thought I'd try something new today and put on my makeup sans eyeliner. You know, I do think sometimes eyeliner came bring out your eyes but if you use it all the time then it kind of washes them out. So here is me without eyliner, with a tad bit of powder, lipgloss and mascara. Have a good night!