Thursday, October 15, 2009 was interesting

So, I tried the Amazing Grass Green Superfood in my pixie punch. Wow. That was...interesting. My first drink was actually a little shocking. It had none of the sweetness I had been used to all week. As I kept drinking, I got used to it, but it had a very green taste.

I did two things differently than normal:

#1 - I added the Amazing Grass Green Superfood
#2 - I used plain skim milk when I had previously used vanilla hemp milk and chocolate Almond Breeze.



I did use the original sweetened versions instead of the unsweetened so I think that helped with the taste. So using skim milk this morning, the only true sweetner was the banana. I don't think it was enough. It did get better with every gulp, but it was not as good as my previous pixie punch.

The Amazing Grass does give it a much greener taste than my Nature's Life Green Whey. I know because I could taste what I smelled coming out of the canister. Odd huh? That might take a little getting used to.

I also think that what milk I use will decipher whether or not I use protein. Skim milk has a fair amount of protein. I like to use protein powder if I am using the almond or hemp milk since they don't have as much. If I buy more almond or hemp milk I will be trying the unsweetened. I don't like wasting the calories or sugar on the original stuff, but thats just me. It will be interesting to see how my pixie punch evolves.

Since I lacked a little bit of sweet this morning, I decided to have a cup of passion tea with some Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus:

 This is the only Stevia sweetner I've tried and I don't use it very often because of the after taste. However, today I decided to try. Typically, I do not use any sweetner in my hot tea, just lemon. The passion tea I do not add anything since it is already a little tangy.


I don't have pictures of lunch again. I went out to lunch with a co-worker and felt a little weirdo if I busted out my camera to take a picture of my lunch.

We went to Lupe Tortilla. I ordered an iced tea and sweetened with the pink stuff. My co-worker ordered some queso and I had a couple of spoonfuls plus some beans and some fresh salsa with chips. I LOVE tortilla chips. It is a definite weakness, but I limited myself. One thing I do like about Lupe Tortilla is that they give you the fresh tomato salsa and charro type beans as a dip. That part of the meal was not so bad. On the other hand, the queso? Ay-yayay! For my entree I order the Cilantro Jalapeno Chicken. I only ate one breast of it and half the rice and beans. Here is a picture of the leftover the fiance will devour when I get home.

Yes, it did have some jack cheese but its pretty difficult for me to turn down cheese. I am determined I am going to make a good healthy dinner tonight.

Eating Out

I know it seems like I did not make the best choice while eating out today. Honestly, for me it was. I looked at the salads. Iceberg lettuce and cheese. I don't really care for iceberg lettuce to be honest. The one salad that did look a little promising to me, was just too expen$ive for my taste. For a salad. I have learned that while eating out, to eat well, you have to pay the price. Letting go of my money is something I have to work on a little more. Haha Choosing the chicken was decent for me because otherwise I would have gotten a puffy taco and a cheese enchilada AND eaten more chips and queso. Small steps, small changes. =) 

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