Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Monday

After such a fabulous weekend, I really did not want to back to work, but such is life and is necessary. I had a green monster aka pixie punch as usual. It really makes it very easy to have that for breakfast and then drink it on the way to work. Especially, since typically, if I eat at work I get side tracked very easily and don't end up eating breakfast until about 10 am. I did forget to picture my green monster. Oops.

It was chilly in my office so I had a mug of this to warm me up:

Followed by this:

I really enjoyed the Guayaki Yerba Mate. I don't usually add sweetner to my tea and it had a pleasant enough taste. I was surprised. I have to admit I was skeptical, but I usually am. Haha

For lunch, I made myself a nice big salad with red and green butter lettuce, one tomato, half a red bell pepper, sliced almonds, feta and leftover marinated grilled chicken.


With about a tbsp Ken's blue cheese dressing. I LOVE blue cheese dressing. I try not to use a full serving because of the fat and calorie content though.


I also had a dulce de leche pudding cup for dessert, but my sweet tooth still was not quenched, so I proceeded to have:

One almond chocolate cluster (no caramel) and a few mini peanut butter cups. They are really mini. That did the trick, but I knew we would be going to the gym after work and had every intention of running so I figured I needed some real fuel. Oikos greek yogurt sells a 4 pack of 4 oz. yogurt cups. Fantastic and perfect for an afternoon snack. One Oikos, an apple cut up & 1/4 cup Nature's Path pumpkin granola. So delicious. I'm drooling over the memories of this picture:

We certainly went to they gym as planned. However, afterwards, we went to the grand opening of Five Guys and Fries. It was pretty good. It was a real homemade patty and just what I have been craving. Not a fast food type texture or taste but with the service of fast food, despite how absolutely crowded it was. I know a burger was not the best thing, especially given the weekend was not filled with the healthiest eats either, but they guys were excited to try it and sometimes you just have to comply.

Besides, I've heard that if you are going to eat something not so good for you, it is best to do it right after a workout and so we did. :)

Do you tend to eat your "bad" meals after a workout? Do you feel it is because you are famished or because your metabolism is up and/or it is easier to digest?

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