Friday, October 16, 2009

So, the day began

I was awakened this morning by my youngest son, we'll call him the monkey, telling me his fever was worse and he had just thrown up. Did I mention it was 5 am? Nice. So, I gave him some Tylenol Cold because it was all I had left after the Motrin I had given him the night before and let him watch cartoons in the living room in hopes he'd fall asleep. Mommy dozed again but he sure didn't. So, the day began. I was able to book a dr. appt that morning, so I made a quick one of these and used up the last of the green whey:


We made it to the dr. appt and turns out his sickness was similar to mine a few weeks ago. His ears were red as well so she gave him an antibiotic for that. All the while, he kept asking what time it was, so finally the nurse asked him if he had a hot date. LOL He told her we were supposed to be meeting his stepdad for lunch! I think monkey really enjoys those lunches when he is sick and gets to go out with us without his brother. Haha.

Sadly, I did not take a picture of lunch. I told my fiance I was going to take a picure for the blog and he told me I better not pull out my camera and take picures of food. LOL Oh well, I guess I will just have to tell you what I had. We went to Wings N More since it is right by FH's (future husband) work. We started with a basket of fried jalapenos which were so delicious. I had a few. I thought about getting a salad until...I saw they had a monte cristo sandwich!! It used to be my favorite at Bennigan's but they no longer exist here in Houston. So, I immediately changed my mind to the monte cristo. Boy, was it good!! I had about 2 1/2 triangles and FH ate the rest. The raspberry perserves were really thick though!

After that, the monkey and I decided to stop by the farmer's market since it was on the way home. I got a lot of things that just say "Fall" to me. Monkey picked out a small pumpkin we are going to attempt to cook. ;) Also, bought my first butternut squash of the season. Love butternut! I think I might try roasting it. I also got a spaghetti squash that I plan on making this week some time and some sweet potatoes. Yum yum yum!

Then, we waited for B & P to come pickup the older son for the weekend since he was supposed to help "work" in Somerville. After some chatting, they were on their way and we relaxed which for me meant some Facebook time. Haha. Monkey actually ended up falling asleep and slept through the night, so I made a quick dinner for me and FH of chicken, veggies (broccoli, green beans & carrots) and mac and cheese:

I stir-fried the mix with this. It is the best BBQ sauce EVA:

Sorry, forgot the picture of the mac and  cheese but it was plain old from the box mac and cheese. not the healthiest, butit was quick.

Then, it was off to the bedroom to in my mind "watch a little tv". Well, lets just say like mother like son. :)

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