Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good time with good friends

I didn't picture a whole lot yesterday. We were pretty busy! I got up and decided to take a drive to the farmer's market and then to pick up some breakfast. Here was my bounty from the farmer's market. I found some fun things!

From left to right:




yellow onion


sweet potatoes

poblano pepper



green grapes

green bell pepper

pumpkin butter

apple jelly

I am most excited about the non-produce foods. I planned on making chili for dinner so I figured I'd try this chili mix. I've ready about the pumkin butter of Kath's ( blog and was curious about it. I'll be opening this soon! I LOVE apple jelly! So, even though I don't normally buy jelly (I usually buy spreadable fruit), I couldn't resist.

Afterwards, I went to the meat market and picked up:

barbacoa (Mexican bbq)

corn and flour tortillas

Cotija cheese


red salsa (even though I had some, I love the meat market's)

I didn't get a pic, but that was breakfast - barbacoa tacos.

Later, we spent the next two hours or so cleaning the house as we had some friends coming over and spending the night. Our friends from Killeen were in town and we were happy to have them stay with us! So, afterwards we made a trip to the store so I could double or err triple the chili recipe and buy some entertaining spirits. hehe

I didn't picture the chili, but this is what my girlfriend and I drank last night:

We started out this, but we didn't feel it not one bit after finishing two bottles of raspeberry beer and one small one of black cherry. Honestly, I don't even want to think of the calories I consumed!

So, then we moved on to this organic wine I had in my wine stash. It was good. It didn't have that bitter bite at the end like some Merlots do.

The men had a beer fest, literally. There was miscellaneous beer from last weekend and from the last time they stayed with us which was about 2 months ago! We also bought a few more six packs and ours friends brought a 6 pack of Blue Moon pumpkin ale. I have been craving it and they looked for it last weekend but never found. We didn't find the Blue Moon pumpkin ale yesterday, but we found another pumpkin spice ale that I thought was pretty good. Very nice of them to think of me! I have to admit he was the one that turned me and the fiance on to Blue Moon. I had one of the BM pumpkin ale's before the real fruity drinks. Here was the variety available:

We spent the night playing Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour (the fiance and I are junkies), talking and just having a good time. I'm really glad they came!

Lazy Day

Today, I made some breakfast consisting of pork sausage with green onion and eggs, hashbrowns, toasts and fruit. Again I didn't take a pic. We played more Guitar Hero WT before our friends had to venture back home. Now I think I am going to lay in bed next to the fiance (he's napping) and read. Lazy Sundays are the best.

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