Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend trip to see my sister

Well, Friday we found ourselves with nothing to do for the weekend. My mom took the boys for the weekend and as the fiance and I were talking during I suggested, "What do you think about going to San Antonio?". So I got back to work, emailed my sister and low and behold she wasn't doing much that weekend either except redoing her floor. So the fiance got the day off Saturday and we made plans to leave in the morning. Since we have the dogs we couldn't leave them for two nights or else we would have left after work that day. We got there Saturday and went down to the Riverwalk for a little while. It was a very hot day! We cooled down by stopping at Rio Rio and having a nice cold drink! My sister had a margarita, I had a mojito and the men had ice cold beers. This was us at the bar which I believe was called "The Naked Iguana Lounge". lol

This is me and my sister:

We went back to their house and her husband barbequed for us and we ate lots of cheese dip and some yummy Julio's chips! This was the first shot of the night:

A drinking game that we played that started the night

Me and the fiance:

My sister is going to kill me for posting some of these (even though she's as beautiful as ever), but I think it is cute. This has been a love/hate relationship from the start, but they have really come a long way! You can see it in their eyes and grimaces. lol

Ok sis, I'd love to put some of the other photos on here, but I will cut you some slack. We had a wonderful weekend and I want to thank my sister and her husband for having us over. Love ya sis!

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