Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Houston Gas War of 2008!

So, yesterday we experienced the funniest thing ever! At the intersection of Eldridge and FM 529 there was a brand new Chevron and a newly remodeled Shell that had opened up. The fiance calls me yesterday afternoon that his friend's wife just called him and told him she put gas for $2.85! Everyone is like "WOW!". We haven't seen those kind of prices in a very long time! Well, then he calls me back and his mom saw it on the news and it is a gas price war. We get home turn on the news and sure enough. By then, the price had gone down even lower, I think in the $2.40s or $2.50s. So, his mom is telling us we should go gas up. Its not quite close to us, but its not far either, about 5 miles give or take. We werent' going to but we saw the 9 o'clock news and decided "Why not?". So we jumped in the car and made our way over there. It was crazy! There were cops everywhere directing traffic and news crews aplenty. There was a line out the wazoo but we kind of took a back street and it landed us near the front. We probably still waited a total of 20 minutes. The funniest thing is that we saw the price drop right in front of our eyes!!! Earlier on the news they showed one of the owners. He said they had dropped the price to promote more business and if the other gas station kept dropping the price they would too; they could do this all day. Apparently, they sure did! When we first got to the intersection the price was at $2.21. By the time we were in line, the price had dropped to $2.19. When we got into the gas station it was $2.17. As we were about to start pumping gas IT CHANGED AGAIN to $2.16!!! By the time we exited the gas station it was down to $2.15! It took us $27.00 to fill up his car. I still had plenty of gas since I only drive to work and back. In my big old Yukon it might not have been worth the wait. I probably would have wasted more than I would have pumped. haha I don't think we've ever filled up the Galant since we got it for less than $40. It was UN-BE-LIEVABLE! It was just one of those tripy things that happen.

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