Monday, July 28, 2008

Random thoughts for a sunny but overcast Monday

So I was thinking of my last post. One of the things I want to concentrate on is having real sit down family dinners. Not only with my immediate family in my home but also with parents and such. We did manage to do this this past weekend. I cooked all weekend, every meal. Amazing right? Well, except for Friday. It was nice to sit down at the table as a family. I am going to encourage this more. I am also going to start cooking more. It is so much easier to eat good wholesome foods when they are cooked at home rather than at a restaurant. I can monitor how much butter and oil is used for one. by doing this we can still enjoy some of the foods we love that are a little higher in fat. For example, my pack of men, boy do they love their breakfasts! Saturday I managed to make chorizo, egg and potato for breakfast and still come in under my maintenance calories. Yesterday, I made a good breakfast with pancakes, homemade hashbrowns (yes I said HOMEMADE) eggs, smokies...the works. It wasnt' half as bad as one would think, but that breakfast at Denny's would have been 1,000 calories easily. Again, restuarants add A LOT of added fat. Ok, enough preaching! Anyway, back to the subject, so ya, I want to incorporate like a monthly sunday dinner with our families somehow. Details are a little wishy washy as my dad is so hard to get a hold of and the fiance's parents don't quite get along but I think it would be nice. I'm going to work on that.

Well, as it turns out, that was only one random thought. haha

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